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Meule de finition pour échantillons de béton

  • Model: G-402-MIC-196-30
  • Manufactured by: Marui

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Product Description:

This is the ultimate example of the specimen end grinding machine. This machine grinds three specimen end surfaces at one time automatically. It is a successful and reliable machine to reduce manpower, work time, and space to 1/3.

Lever operation that provides easy specimen setting

It has developed detailed functions to improve grinding performance. The specimen presser plate can be moved upward and downward easily with the one-touch clamp, and specimens can be easily set. And then only rotating the upper lever fixes the specimen firmly.

Simple and easy-to-use operation panel

The operation panel on the side surface has simple allocation of buttons and provides easy operation to anyone.
It is also equipped with specimen feeding speed adjustment function and timer function.

  • Save time
    Test specimens typically require less than 60 seconds to finish.  Continuous operator supervision is not required.
  • Save materials
    No capping material is required to finish the specimen end. Grinding disks typically finish 3,000 - 5,000 pieces before a replacement is necessary.
  • Portability and size
    Because of its small footprint, space is kept to a minimum. The end grinder is conveniently mounted on lockable castors providing easy mobility.
Standards ANSI/ASTM C39
Applicable specimens ・φ 100 × H 200 mm x 3
・φ 125 × H 250 mm x 2, φ 150 × H 300 mm x 2
Grinding revolution speed 1900r/min (60 Hz)
Grinding method Diamond wheel grinding with water
Grinding structure Electric pendulum sectorial movement right angle grinding
Grinding feeding Automatic feeding, automatic stop by timer
Power supply 110 Volts, 60Hz, single phase
Accessories Safety cover

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