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AlphaE Complete Package

  • Model: I-J28-P0003948
  • Manufactured by: Bertin Instruments

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Product Description:
AlphaE is a professional meter for Radon concentration, personal exposure and dose. This ultra-small and light-weight instrument comes with optional belt bag, alternatively for wall-mounting.

AlphaE is an electronic handheld device for fast and time-resolved radon monitoring in buildings, outdoors and mines.

Typically, 80% of the final result is achieved after 2 hours (faster response for higher values). Due to its ultra-lightweight design and sophisticated features, AlphaE is highly suitable for surveying the personal radon exposure and dose at workplaces.

The AlphaE’s favourable price-performance ratio makes it a great choice for service companies engaged in radon assessment and mitigation, as well as for users in private homes.

Up to 6 months battery life allows long-term measurement without main power. Permanent operations via mains supply are possible via USB port.

Also available: AlphaE, Instrument with Cal cert (I-J28-P0002172)