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Capteurs de distance haute-performance

  • Manufactured by: Wenglor

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Product Description:

This group brings together the most powerful sensors for distance measurement, which work in reflex mode according to different principles. High performance distance sensors are particularly fast and precise, and demonstrate their high efficiency over large working ranges. They are ideally suited for demanding applications. Even black and shiny objects are reliably detected. Ethernet technology is integrated into selected sensors.

High performance distance sensors which use the principle of angle measurement determine the distance between the sensor and the object. These sensors have small working ranges (under 1 m) and recognize objects with high precision. Some sensors use a high-resolution CMOS line array and DSP signal processing. The color, shape and texture of the objects to be recognized does not affect the sensors' measurements. Even dark objects can be reliably detected against a bright background. They can be operated with very high speeds or very high resolutions. The measured value can be output as an analog value or via the interfaces. Furthermore, Teach-In, filter functions for adjusting a switching output, and an error output are available. The measuring range can be selected individually within the working range.

High-performance distance sensors which use the principle of transit time measurement determine the distance between the sensor and the object according to the principle of transit time measurement. These sensors have a large working range and are therefore able to detect objects over large distances.
Selected sensors are distinguished by WinTec (wenglor interference free technology). This technology allows black or shiny surfaces to be reliably detected even in extremely inclined positions. It is possible to mount several sensors next to or across from each other without them influencing each other.