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Capteurs photoélectriques

  • Manufactured by: Wenglor

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Product Description:

Wenglor sensoric is your competent partner for photoelectronic sensors. Our diverse range of innovative products provide solutions for complex automation applications. Our photoelectronic sensors can detect or count objects without contact, measure distances with high accuracy and identify colors, brightness or luminescence.

Various mounting systems allow for easy, flexible installation. Fiber optic cables that can be connected to sensors allow them to be used under extreme conditions or in tight spaces.

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High Performance Distance Sensors

Reflex Sensors with Background Suppression

Retro-Reflex Sensors

Universal Reflex Sensors

Glass Fiber Optic Cable Reflex Mode

Glass Fiber Optic Cable Through Beam Mode

Reflex Sensors with Analogue Output

Glass Fiber Optic Light Curtain for Universal Reflex Sensors

Fiber Optic Cable Sensors

Plastic Fiber Optic Cable Reflex Mode

Plastic Fiber Optic Cable Through Beam Mode

Reflex Sensors for Measuring Tasks

Luminescence Sensors

Contrast Sensors

Print Mark Readers

Gloss Sensor

Sensors for Roller Conveyor Systems

Retro-Reflex Sensors

Retro-Reflex Sensors for Clear Glass Recognition

Light Curtains Pick to Light

Light Curtains for Measuring Tasks

Through Beam Sensors

Controller for Through Beam Sensors

Fork Sensors

Colour Sensors