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Adhésifs pour jauge de contrainte

  • Manufactured by: Tokyo Measuring Instruments Lab.

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Product Description:

TML adhesives are specially designed for bonding strain gauges to test specimens. Refer to the specification of each gauge series for applicable type of adhesives. To maintain the shelf life, store adhesives in a cool, dry and dark place such as a refrigerator(+5 to +10°C). However, never store in a freezer.
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
TML supplies an MSDS for all its strain gauge ahesives and coatings. Contact your TML supplier for more information.

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Adhesives Overview

CN adhesives (General purpose)

CN-E adhesives (Concrete, Mortar)

CN-R adhesives (Fast hardened type for cold district)

CN-Y adhesives (Post-yield)

P-2 adhesives (General purpose)

RP-2 adhesives (Concrete, Mortar)

PS adhesives (Concrete, Mortar, Wood)

NP-50 adhesives (High temperature)

C-1 adhesives (Long-term measurement, Transducer-specific)

EA-2A adhesives (Cryogenic temperature)

EB-2 adhesives (Long-term measurement)

A-2 adhesives (Bolt embedding)