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Capteur d'orientation / enregistreur de données pour puits

  • Model: I-A73-3DM-DH3
  • Manufactured by: LORD Microstrain

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Product Description:



The 3DM-DH3™ is a downhole orientation sensor and datalogger. It incorporates acceleration sensors, magnetic field sensors, and temperature sensors, together with an on-board microprocessor, embedded software algorithm, non-volatile memory for configuration, flash datalogging memory, and serial communication interface. Its form-factor, rated temperature range and power supply requirements are optimized for downhole applications. The 3DM-DH3™ provides accurate drill path measurements including Inclination, Azimuth, GTF, MTF, Dip Angle, sensor temperatures, G-TOT and H-TOT.



  •     precise downhole orientation
  •     high-speed sample rate & flexible data outputs
  •     extended use, low-power data logging

Easiest to Use

  •     rapid deployment in the drill string
  •     outputs drill path measurements

Cost Effective

  •     reduced cost and rapid time to market for customer’s applications
  •     aggressive volume discount schedule

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