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Micro analyseurs électroniques

  • Model: H92-various
  • Manufactured by: JEOL

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Product Description:
Our microprobe and auger product line is comprised of three categories: Auger Microanalyzers, Electron Probe Microanalyzers (EPMA), and Photoelectron Spectrometers.

The Auger Microanalyzer utilizes an analytical technique, named after the French scientist P. Auger. It combines auger electron spectroscopy (AES), ion sputtering and secondary electron imaging, and allows for the determination of 2D and 3D elemental distributions on solid surfaces. JEOL Auger Microprobes offer the highest resolution available.

The Electron Probe Microanalyzer (EPMA) utilizes X-ray spectrometry and allows for high speed, high accuracy qualitative and quantitative in-depth surface analysis as well as area analysis.

The Photoelectron Spectrometer systems are capable of qualitative, quantitative, and state analysis of micro-areas for a broad range of samples.