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Micro analyseur électronique

  • Model: H92-Various
  • Manufactured by: JEOL

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Product Description:
Our microprobe and auger product line is comprised of the following: Electron Probe Microanalyzers (EPMA), Scanning Auger Microprobes  and Photoelectron Spectrometers.
The Electron Probe Microanalyzer (EPMA) utilize EDS and WDS X-ray spectrometry and allows for high speed, high accuracy/precision qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis as well as line scan and mapping analysis.
The Auger Microanalyzer utilizes an analytical technique, named after the French scientist P. Auger. It combines auger electron spectroscopy (AES) using a HAS spectrometer, ion sputtering and secondary electron imaging. JEOL Auger Microprobes offer the highest resolution imaging and spectrometer available.
The Photoelectron Spectrometer systems are capable of qualitative, quantitative, and state analysis of micro-areas for a broad range of samples.
  • JXA-8530FPlus FEG HyperProbe allows qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis with ultra-high spatial resolution (<300nm) with a very small probe diameter at high beam current and low kV.
  • JXA-8230 SuperProbe (W / LaB6) allows qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis at the micron scale
Analytical Optimization
  • Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer offers light element detection (Li), trace level sensitivity and performs chemical state analysis at the nano-micro scale.
  • xCLent CL spectrometer is an integrated hyperspectral CL system for imaging, mapping and spectroscopy
Auger and XPS
  • JAMP-9510F Field Emission Scanning Auger Microprobe provides high spatial resolution elemental analysis with depth profiling, chemical state analysis for both conductive and nonconductive samples.
  • JPS-9030 XPS for large area surface analysis and chemical state analysis
  • JPS-9200 XPS small spot XPS allows for high spatial resolution surface analysis and chemical state analysis as well as mapping (XPS imaging)