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Centrifugeuse sans filtre

  • Model: G-132-M280

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Product Description:
The filterless centrifuge is effective for recovery or mineral filler fines from bitumen-laden nonflammable solvents from asphalt mix extraction tests.

Solvent suspension is fed through a top funnel through a regulating valve into a special aluminum beaker spinning at 11,000 rpm. At the high rpm the liquid moves up the beaker wall and out the overflow tube while the solids remain in the beaker due to the centrifugal force. Continuous feeding of the suspension is possible until the capacity of the beaker is reached. The unit has controlled quiet acceleration and top speed is reached quickly. Dynamic braking controls the stopping of the beaker.

The unit has a steel casing and bearing housing and aluminum sieve holder, bowl and beakers.
  • 115 volts, 60 Hz
  • two beakers are included