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DEMEC - Jauges de contrainte mécaniques et accessoires

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Product Description:
A demountable mechanical strain gauge has advantages of accuracy, reliability and cost over other methods of strain measurement. However, the desired accuracy can only be obtained via precision manufacture and care in the use of the instrument. 200 strains/hr can be measured at an accuracy of ±5 x 10^(-6) ɛ under most laboratory test conditions. Great accuracy is achieved by using the gauge in its ideal horizontal position with readings lying within a small range on the dial. The DEMEC strain gauge uses a lever and dial/digital indicating gauge arrangement mounted on an Invar Main Beam, and is easy to use. The choice of material for the main beam and the reference bar is due to the requirement for the metal with low coefficient of thermal expansion. Care is required in mounting the reference/locating discs onto the measuring surfaces. Should concrete under temperature change during the testing, a concrete dummy bar is required in order to eliminate the temperature effect on the instrument.
The DEMEC strain gauge has two locating points, one fixed and one moveable measuring at the gauge length. Our DEMEC gauge is supplied completely with reference and setting bars, a pack of 300 standard locating discs are also provided.

The digital DEMEC strain gauge incorporates a digital indicator with a resolution of 0.001 mm, zero set, preset and output for SPC.

The indicator can be connected to a data processor for recording and analysis of results. The indicator displays spindle movement digitally by means of a linear encloder and has a response speed of 1000 mm/sec, and is battery operated.

Microstrains represented by one division on the dial gauge, or one increment on the digital indicator.

Gauge length Dial version microstrains Digital version microstrains
50 mm 20 -
100 mm 16 8
150 mm 10.7 5.3
200 mm 8 4
250 mm 6.4 3.2
300 mm 5.6 2.8
400 mm 4 2
500 mm 3.2 1.6

Accessories: A variety of methods of locating the DEMEC points are available.