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Ensemble de jauges de contrainte multilongueurs

  • Model: G-118-H-3230
  • Manufactured by: Humboldt Manufacturing

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Product Description:
Mechanical gauge is recommended as a substitute for the Whittemore strain gauge for many applications. Designed to measure strain in masonry-type materials, structural components under load, opening or closing of structural cracks, measuring relative structural displacements, rock mechanics testing and drying shrinkage of concrete block testing. Instrument frame is cast aluminum alloy with 5 master settings of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 inches, easily set for gauging. Dial indicator has .0001" minimum graduation; effective strain range is 0.3". Maximum linear measurement is 0.4". Set includes: strain gauge, dial indicator, 8 brass inserts, 2 contact seats, 2 mounted contact points, invar master bar, punch bar and one compartmented wood storage case. Metric model has 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25cm settings and dial indicator with 002mm graduations. Meets ASTM C426.

G-118-H-3230.2 Replacement Contact Points for H-3230 or H-3231 Gauge

G-118-H-3230.3 Brass Inserts for Mounting Specimen, 100/pk

G-118-H-3230.4 Contact Seats, Stainless Steel

G-118-H-3230.5 Invar Steel Master Bar with Stainless Steel Seat Inserts

G-118-H-3230.6 Strain Gauge Punch Bar

G-118-H-3230.5M Invar Steel Master Bar with Stainless Steel Seat Inserts

G-118-H-3230.6M Strain Gauge Punch Bar for use with H-3231M