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Tell-Tale - Détecteurs de fissures

  • Model: G-176-TT0001/2/4/5
  • Manufactured by: RST Instruments

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Product Description:
Tell Tale Crack Monitors measure displacement (out of plane) and movement across a crack. Tell-Tales consist of two plates which overlap for part of their length. One plate is calibrated in millimeters and the overlapping plate is transparent and marked with a hairline cursor. As the crack width opens or closes, one plate moves relative to the other. The relationship of the cursor to the scale represents the amount of movement occurring. Range +/-20mm - Resolution 1 mm. the tell-tales are fixed with screws and adhesive across the crack to be monitored.

Standard Tell-Tale
The Standard Tell-Tale is produced in durable acrylic plastic and is used for monitoring movement across cracks in vertical and horizontal directions on flat surfaces. Coefficient of thermal expansion 7x10-5cm/cm/oC.

Corner Tell-Tale Plus
The Corner Tell-Tale Plus is produced in polycarbonate and can be used for monitoring movement across cracks in internal and external corners. The Tell-Tale is hinged for use with internal corners ranging from 70o-180o. When used in pairs three dimensional movement can be monitored. Coefficient of thermal expansion: 7x10-5cm/cm/oC.

Displacement Tell-Tale Plus
The Displacement Tell-Tale Plus is produced in PVC rigid sheet and is used for monitoring movement across cracks when one surface moves out of plane with the other. The Tell-Tale monitors out of plane movement. Coefficient of thermal expansion: 7.3x10-5cm/cm/oC.

Tell-Tale Plus
The Tell-Tale Plus offers a weather resistant design that monitors the opening or closing of a crack to an accuracy of 1.0mm, or to an accuracy of +/-0.1mm with calipers. Monitor vertical and horizontal movement with supplied crack record sheets. Also offers increased horizontal monitoring range to +/-25mm and manufactured in vandal resistant polycarbonate. Fixing slots and "extra grip" surface improves screw and adhesive fixings.