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Pundit PD8050 - Systeme d'imagerie ultrasonique

  • Model: G-896-PD8050
  • Manufactured by: Proceq

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Product Description:

When you need to see deeper or you are in search of information that GPR doesn’t provide, you will want to use Proceq’s Pundit PD-8050. It is an ultrasonic solution that provides real-time imaging of defects in the concrete, voids, delamination, honeycombing, hit prevention, thickness measurement, pulse velocity and more. It also performs on concrete with fiber, where a GPR may have issues. The unit is rated to see up to 6ft depending on the type of concrete you are scanning. Continuous software updates ensure you have the latest Imaging and AI tools. Contact your local Hoskin representative today to chat more about this technology.

Consolidated power in a single device for structural imaging, object and defect detection with ultrasound pulse echo

  • Real-time imaging, weight optimization and AI assistance
  • Large scale 2D, 3D, heatmap and AR visualization modes
  • Superior image clarity with control of all transmission parameters

Location of subsurface defects of concrete / Measurement of thickness of concrete elements / Determination of concrete pulse velocity for homogeneity and strength estimation


Void and delamination detection
Bonding assessment
Thickness measurement
Honeycombing detection
Fiber concrete
Concrete hit prevention
Imaging of closely spaced rebars

Transducer Bandwidth

20 - 80 kHz


Multi-channel Ultrasonic Pulse Echo

Measuring Resolution

0.1 us

Pulse voltage

±50 to ±150 V