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Système d'analyse de perméabilité aux chlorures

  • Model: G-894-PROOVE'it system
  • Manufactured by: Aanderaa

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Product Description:
The PROOVE ́it system is used to evaluate the resistance of concrete to the ingress of chloride ions in three ways: 
  • By determining the total electrical charge that passes through a saturated concrete specimen by applying an electrical potential across the specimen in accordance with AASHTO T 277 or ASTM C1202. This is known as the “Coulomb Test” or the “Rapid Chloride Permeability Test (RCPT).”
  • By measuring the penetration depth of chloride ions, after an electric potential has been applied to the specimen in accordance with Nordtest Build 492 to determine the “Chloride Migration Coefficient,” which can be used to estimate the chloride diffusion coefficient for service life calculations.
  • By measuring the current passing through a saturated concrete specimen and determining the bulk conductivity in accordance with ASTM C1760.
  • ASTM C1202-RCPT Test
  • NT Build 492-Chloride Migration Test
  • ASTM C1760-Bulk Electrical Conductivity
PROOVE’it System Features The computer-controlled microprocessor power supply and the Windows®-based software for testing and report preparation offers the following key features:
  • Testing up to 8 cells simultaneously
  • Voltage settings of 5 to 60 VDC in 5 V increments
  • Programmable testing time as required
  • Temperature measurement and recording
  • Cyclic testing option for effect of curing duration
  • Measure concrete conductivity at 60 VDC in 1 min
  • Predicted 6-h Coulomb value every 5 min
  • Documentation of each test result

A complete system composed of coring and slicing equipment, vacuum desiccator, vacuum pump, watertight test cells, microprocessor power supply, and software are presented below. The cells are easy to assemble, simple to maintain, and watertight.