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Accessoires pour microscopes (applications de réflexion)

  • Model: Variés
  • Manufactured by: Nikon Metrology

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Product Description:

Microscope units to integrate with Nikon equipment that supports the CFI60 and CF&IC optical systems – for experiments and research, as well as manufacturing and inspection.

To view a detailed listing of Nikon Microscope Components for Reflected Light Applications please click below.
Modular Focusing Unit IM-4

  • LV-IM IM Modules
  • LV-FM FM Modules
  • LVDIA-N DIA Base N
  • LV-ARM Basic Arm
  • LV-ECON E Controller
  • CFI -2 / CFI Objectives
  • LV-UEPI-N Universal Epi-Illuminator
  • LV-UEPI2 Universal Epi-Illuminator 2
  • LV-UEPI2A Motorized Universal Epi-Illuminator 2
  • TI-PS100W/A Power Supply
  • LV-EPILED White LED Illuminator
  • CFI60-2 / CFI60 Revolving Nosepieces
  • CF&IC Objectives
  • Compact Reflected Microscopes CM Series
  • Objectives for Measuring microscopes
  • 2nd Objective Lens Units
  • Filters
  • CFI60-2 / CFI60 Eyepiece Tubes
  • Double Port
  • Straight Tubes
  • Eyepiece Lenses
  • CCTV Camera Adapters