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Balance numérique de terrain

  • Manufactured by: Deslauriers

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Product Description:

Field Testing Scale brings greater performance, reliability and usability to the trade. With outstanding resolution and no compromise on capacity, this unit boasts the following features and specifications:

  • Touch key controls. 
  • Three display modes – Lbs./oz.; Decimal Lbs., Kilograms. 
  • High resolution – 0.1 oz./0.005 Lbs./2 grams. 
  • 110 Pound/50kg capacity. 
  • 90 day replacement 1 year manufacturer warranty. 
  • Uses one Nine Volt Battery (NOT Included). 
  • CAT# DFS9010A 

MEETS the requirements of ASTM C138- unit weight, yield, & air content.  


Meets ASTM C94 - Requires a filed unit weight measurement with every set of test cylinders.