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Humidimètre Speedy

  • Manufactured by: Hoskin Scientific Limited

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Product Description:

AASTM D-4944;AASHTO T-217.

  • Reliable and accurate moisture measurement in the field.
  • Direct-reading in percent moisture.
  • Rapid results in minutes.
  • Easy-to-use — includes simple step-by-step instructions.

The Speedy™ 2000 moisture testing kit which combines the most popular and versatile Speedy™ model with an electronic balance and a heavy-duty plastic case.

The waterproof and durable case offers the highest level of protection. A foam insert secures the contents of the kit: the large Speedy™ body, electronic balance, beaker, cleaning cloth, cap, washer, scoop, steel pulverizing balls, and cleaning brushes.The electronic balance has an easy-to-read LCD display.With a range from 0 - 7oz (0 - 200g), the balance is simple to use, accurate, and repeatable.

The Speedy™ moisture tester determines the moisture content of a broad range of materials. A small sample of the material to be tested is weighed on the balance and then placed in the hand held vessel. A measure of calcium carbide reagent is then added and the vessel sealed.The reagent reacts with the free moisture in the sample to produce acetylene gas, resulting in an increase in pressure within the
vessel.The % moisture content of the sample is then read directly from the calibrated pressure gauge.



Capacity 20 g.
Gauge Calibrated from 0 - 20% moisture based on wet weight.
Accuracy Within 0.5% on most materials
Test Speed 45 sec. to 3 min., depending on material.
Tester Corrosion resistant metal construction
Reagent Calcium carbide type. (Not included.)
Carrying Case Heavy-duty plastic.
Balance Electronic balance (23-7452/12);
200 g capacity x 0.1 g; operates on 9v battery
Other Components Balance, beaker, cleaning cloth, cap,
washer, scoop, steel pulverizing balls and cleaning brushes.
Weights. Net 13 lbs. (5.9 kg).

Ordering Information
Note: SpeedyTM Moisture Tester Reagent is required for operation; not included, order separately.

EI23-7452. SpeedyTM 2000 Moisture Tester with Plastic Carrying Case and Electronic Balance. 20 g capacity; 0 - 20% Range.
For use on sand, soils, clay and aggregates.

EI23-7702. SpeedyTM Moisture Tester Reagent. Carton of 12, 500 g cans.
Meets ASTM D-4944 and AASHTO T-217 specifications.
EI23-7600. SpeedyTM Calibration Kit. Includes master gauge, valves, integral air pump, tools, instruction manual and case.