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Bain pour stabilité des combustibles distillés à haute temp.

  • Model: G-796-L6468
  • Manufactured by: Lawler Manufacturing Company

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Product Description:
  • Designed for ASTM D6468 Test Method


Model L6468-8 is a liquid bath with 8 test positions conforming to ASTM D6468 method. The bath is mechanically agitated and well insulated. The baths temperature range is 40° to 180°C with temperature uniformity and stability better than ±0.5°C.

Model B6468-8 bath is designed for use with ASTM D6468 test method. It consists of an aluminum block with 8 test positions sized to accept the specified test tubes.

Temperature control is provided by a digital display PID controller providing stability of ± 0.5°C (or better). The block design is carefully engineered such that position to position uniformity is ± 0.5°C (or better). In the event of primary controller failure the unit is protected against over heating by a secondary circuit. Useful temperature range is from 40°C up to 180°C.

The block is insulated so the outer cabinet remains cool. A heat resistant composite plastic top with 8 matching holes also provides thermal insulation.

The use of an aluminum block dry bath at elevated temperature has the benefit of eliminating the smoke and fire hazard associated with the use of liquid bath mediums. Overall approximate dimensions are 20 x 15 x 12 inch high (51 x 38 x 30 cm).

Model PV-577 Digital Reflection Meter as specified by ASTM D6468 method is used for measuring the degree of filter paper staining after oxidation of the distillate fuel. It comes equipped with search unit Y, green filter and polished black glass standard.