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Machine à laver pour verrerie et outils

  • Model: G-E23-20-5000
  • Manufactured by: Infratest

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Product Description:
Washing machine for cleaning binder stained containers, glass flasks etc. using solvent in a closed cycle system. Washing chamber made of stainless steel. The unit is equipped with an indirect heating system and spray nozzles.

Available Accessories

Sampling Attachment (G-E23-20-5001)

Stainless Steel Insert for 8 Glass Test Cup (G-E23-20-5002)

Stainless Steel Insert for 1 Round Bottom Flask 2L (G-E23-20-5003)

Stainless Steel Wash Basket for cleaning small items, such a penetration needles (G-E23-20-5004); shown below

Stainless Steel Insert for 8 PAV-trays 140mm dia. (G-E23-20-5005); shown below