SetaCheck - Instrument de mesure pour biodiésel

  • Model: G131- SA5500-0
  • Manufactured by: Stanhope - Seta

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Description du Produit:
SetaCheck Biodiesel is a handheld instrument designed to provide fast, accurate and repeatable on-site measurement of biodiesel content in diesel fuel blends. 

Using unique, Mid-IR technology, the analyser has a measurement range of 0.1% to 40% biodiesel. Only 2 ml of sample is required and a test is completed in less than 1 minute with results displayed on a bright backlit screen.

SetaCheck's test procedure is simple, requiring no special technical skills or laboratory conditions, making it ideal for batch checking fuels at terminals to monitoring standby fuel supplies.
  • 0.1% to 40% measurement range
  • No dilution required, samples measured directly
  • Less than 1 minute test
  • Correlates with EN14078
  • Unique Mid-IR technology
  • Simple to use
  • Bright, backlit screen displays the Biodiesel concentration (% by volume)
  • User calibration available via PC software
Technical Specifications
Range    0.1% to 40%
Operating temperature  5 - 40 °C
Test duration Less than 1 minute
Measuring units    % by volume
Sample volume  Approximately 2 ml
Number of testsIn excess of a hundred tests on a single charge
Charging  Micro USB
Power Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery*
Size (HxWxD) 36 x 150 x 200 mm
Weight 1 kg

* Meets IATA DGR (UN3481-IP1967)

Suitable for:
  • Determination of Biodiesel content of Diesel, heating oil and gas oil
  • ‘First foot’ cargo inspections and potential loading contamination by Biodiesel
  • Determination of Biodiesel level in distillate marine applications
  • Lower detection limit of 0.1% for “de minimis” testing