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  • Model: G-131-99220-2
  • Manufactured by: Stanhope - Seta

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Product Description:
The Seta Ash Furnace has a maximum temperature of 1100°C, it incorporates pre-heated airflow system and extended chimney.

The furnace is supplied with an Inconel tray complete with detachable handle, it features a door safety power cut-off switch as well as over-temperature cut out protection. The chambers of the furnace are ceramic muffles wound with resistance wire.

Product Features

  • Pre-heated airflow system and extended chimney
  • Maximum temperature 1100°C with over-temperature cut-out
  • Door safety power cut off switch


ASTM D482-IP 4, ASTM D874, BIS IS 1448 Part 4, IP 163, ISO 6245-EN 7