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Evochrom - Système aromatique HPLC

  • Model: G-131-SA2400-2
  • Manufactured by: Stanhope - Seta

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Product Description:
EvoChrom is a complete HPLC system which allows plug and go for the busy lab in accordance with the latest ASTM and IP Method requirements to measure aromatics.

Each EvoChrom System includes Sample Injector, HPLC Isocratic Pump, Optional Solvent Reservoir/Degasser Unit, Column Oven (with Safety Solvent Alarm System), Amino Column as specified in Test Method, Refractive Index Detector, ChromGate Integration Software Package and STVM Validation Materials.

Product Features

  • Complete HPLC pack system allows plug & go for the busy laboratory
  • Precision engineered HPLC hardware with proven technology
  • Chromatography assured with optimised column technology meeting the latest ASTM and IP Method requirements
  • Quality separations provide accurate and precise results every time
  • Fully compatible to meet and measure to DEF STAN 91-91 Jet Fuel and EN 590 Diesel Fuel Specifications for Aromatics

ASTM D6379, ASTM D6591, EN 12916, IP 391, IP 436