Densimètre API avec thermomètre intégré dans la tige

  • Model: Various
  • Manufactured by: Koehler Instruments

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Description du Produit:
ASTM Hydrometers and Thermohydrometers
For density, relative density (specific gravity) or API gravity determination of crude petroleum, liquid petroleum products and mixtures of petroleum and non-petroleum products. For density of LPG and light hydrocarbons refer to K26150.

Calibrated hydrometers and thermohydrometers are available from Koehler with an ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z-540-1 Report of Calibration.

When inquiring about calibrated hydrometers and thermohydrometers, please refer to the catalog number for the corresponding hydrometer or thermohydrometer and replace the middle three zeros in the catalog number with 004. Example: 251-000-01H API Gravity Hydrometer would be 251-004-01H Certified API Gravity Hydrometer.

Conforming to the specifications of: ASTM E100

Applicable Test Method Standards
ASTM D287, D1298, D6074, D6158; API MPMS Chapter 9.1; IP 160; ISO 3675; DIN 51757

Standard temperature 60°F, subdivisions 0.1° API, length 380mm, temperature scale F 30-220

Catalog No.

ASTM Thermohydrometer No.

Nominal API Gravity Range, deg.



-1 to 11



9 to 29



19 to 31



29 to 41