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Matériel de vérification AvCount (ACVM)

  • Model: G-131-SA1006-0
  • Manufactured by: Stanhope - Seta

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Product Description:
Verification material for use with the Seta Analytics AvCOUNT series of instruments (SA1000-0, SA1000-2, SA1200-0 & SA1250-0). The material is a suspension of a NIST traceable medium test dust in a super-clean clear, mineral based, technical oil.

AvCount Verification Material is manufactured in accordance with ISO 11171:2010 Annex F, with the exception of the use of a clear technical oil as diluent. The certified values are statistically derived from the results of a significant number of tests conforming to IP 565, using AvCOUNT instruments calibrated in accordance with ISO 11171:2010, under ISO 9001 conditions.

The homogeneity and variability of the AvCount Verification Fluid is checked in accordance with ISO Guide 35 and the essentials of ISO Guide 31.

NOTE: Supplied in 250ml bottle with Certificate of Measurement


CCCN Code: Tariff 27090090

Method: IP 565