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Floculateur automatique de laboratoire

  • Model: G-142-K47100
  • Manufactured by: Koehler Instruments

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Product Description:
Samples of asphalt or heavy oil, or residuum are dissolved in toluene at various concentrations and titrated with iso-octane or n-heptane at controlled temperatures to determine the point of flocculation (asphaltene precipitation) and calculate the Heithaus compatibility parameters. These results are intended primarily as a laboratory diagnostic tool for estimating the colloidal stability or compatibility of asphalt, asphalt cross blends,
aged asphalt, pyrolyzed asphalt and crudes, and heavy oil, or residuum. Compatibility influences important physical properties of these materials as well as the formation of coke which causes fouling in refining processes.

Features and Benefits

• Complete instrument and data acquisition system
• Rapid, accurate and highly reproducible
• Determines blending insolubility and solubility numbers
• Generates the data to calculate the WRI Coking Index (patent pending) to predict the proximity to coke formation during heavy oil distillation and improve distillate yield