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Appareil d'essai de lavage double pour huiles lubrifiantes

  • Model: G-131-19650-0
  • Manufactured by: Stanhope - Seta

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Product Description:

The Seta tester estimates the resistance of lubricating greases to water washout from ball bearings according to ASTM D1264, DIN 51807-2 and ISO 11009. The methods evaluate the resistance of a lubricating grease to washout by water from a bearing, when tested at 38 and 79°C (100 and 175°F), under the prescribed laboratory conditions.

  • Twin bearing and housings for duplicate or independent testing
  • Two separate water tanks and jets
  • All parameters are independently adjustable
  • Magnetic bearing drive for easy disassembly and removal
  • PLC for an automatic test procedure and display of test parameters
  • Spacious and easy to clean water tank
  • All water wet parts are resilient to salt water
ASTM D1264, DIN 51 807, FTM 791 3252, IP 215, ISO 11009