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Calorimètre automatique

  • Model: G-142-K88800
  • Manufactured by: Koehler Instruments

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Product Description:
The automatic calorimeter is the latest system for determining gross calorific values of liquids and solid fuels. A higher level of automation with extremely simple handling characterizes this device.
In addition to the Isoperibolic measurement procedure, a Dynamic (reduced-time) mode is also available for the user. Different working temperatures can be selected for both procedures based on the temperature of the connected water.

To provide a supply of cooling water, the calorimeter can be connected to a standard thermostat or an appropriate permanently installed water connection, with a connection valve. The unit is equipped with a very convenient operating panel through which operation of the device takes place. The graphical display with active backlighting displays the appropriate status messages. The temporal course of a measurement that has been started and all current parameters of the weighed in sample can be constantly monitored and are arranged to be clearly visible.

Connections for analysis scale, printer, and sample rack for identifying and managing samples are already integrated into the basic device. The network connection and the special configuration for data exchange can be implemented at any time with LIMS.
In combination with special halogen-resistant decomposition vessels quantitative decompositions can be performed to determine halogen and sulfur content.

Conforms to the specifications of:
ASTM D240; D4809; D5865; D1989; D5468; E711; ISO 1928; DIN 51900; BS1016
Measurement range: 40,000 J
Measuring mode: Isoperibolic 25°C, Isoperibolic 30°C, Dynamic 25°C, Dynamic 30°C
Isoperibolic measurement time: approximately 22 min
Dynamic measurement time: approximately 7 min
Oxygen Operating Pressure: 30 bar
Cooling Medium: Water via line, flow through quantity 60 + 10 liters/ hour
Water Operating Pressure: 10 bar
Interfaces: Serial (RS232); Parallel; Keyboard; Sample rack; External monitor

Dimensions lxwxh,in.(cm)
17.5x17.75x19.75 (440x450x500)
Net weight: 66 lbs (30 kg)

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Product Description

Electrical Requirements

G-142-K88800Automatic Fuel Blending System

115V 50/60Hz

G-142-K88800-1Cooling Water Supply 
G-142-K88800-2Oxygen Pressure Gauge 
G-142-K88800-3Decomposition Vessel, standard 
G-142-K88800-4Decomposition Vessel, halogen resistant 
G-142-K88800-5Water Pressure Regulating Valve