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Cellules triaxiales haute pression

  • Model: G-345-CELLSHP
  • Manufactured by: GDS Instruments

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Product Description:
GDS produce cells for 32/100mm samples and from 14-100MPa to satisfy the complex range of tests required by today’s modern geotechnical laboratories. Cells are available with or without balanced ram.

  • Large pressure rangeGDS triaxial cells are available from 4-100MPa, allowing user to choose the ideal cell for their range of testing needs.
  • Large variety of sample sizesGDS range of cells can hold samples up to 100mm at a variety of different pressures.
  • 3rd party framesGDS Triaxial cells can be supplied as part of a complete system or for use in pre-existing 3rd party loadframes. Please contact GDS with the make and model of existing frame for fit information.
  • Temperature controlVersions of some cells are available for testing samples at elevated temperatures up to 1500C. 
  • Stainless steel designAll GDS high pressure cells are made from stainless steel and as such they will give many years of use without tarnishing or needing to be replaced due to corrosion.
  • Balanced ramGDS high pressure triaxial cells are available with or without balanced ram. See difference below.

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