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Presses de plancher

  • Model: G-284-Floor Standing Presses
  • Manufactured by: Carver

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Product Description:

Monarch Hydraulic Lab Presses in 30, 50, 75 or 100 Ton Capacity

Carver's Monarch laboratory presses with integral hydraulic system and high technology options are based on standard production press models adapted to precision laboratory requirements.

Recommended for testing or research, compacting, molding rubber or plastic, laminating and assembly where stripping pressure is required.

Standard features include double-acting J.I.C. style cylinder for power open and power close. An integral hydraulic reservoir is easily accessible for cleaning and includes a strainer or cartridge filter, air filter/breather, oil level indicator and oil cooler. A programmable controller with access module is standard.

Optional equipment includes electrically heated platens to 600°, 800° or 1200°F, with digital temperature controllers, low pressure system, pressing speed control and automatic platen cooling.

Standard Model Ranges

Catalog NumberMax. Capacity (tons)Nominal Work AreaAdjustable Daylight Opening*Cylinder Stroke (in)Tie Rod Dia. (in)Floor Space W x D (in)Height (lb)Approx. Weight (lb)
CMG 30H-153015 x 156 to 1261.2542 x 40721,850
CMG 30H-12 ASTM3012 x 126 to 1261.2543 x 40721,850
CMG 50H-125012 x 128 to 1681.7560 x 38784,800
CMG 50H-155015 x 158 to 1681.7560 x 38784,800
CMG 50H-185018 x 188 to 1681.7560 x 38785,000
CMG 50H-245024 x 248 to 1681.7566 x 38785,600
CMG 75H-157515 x 158 to 168263 x 38785,300
CMG 75H-187518 x 188 to 168269 x 38785,500
CMG 75H-247524 x 248 to 168269 x 38786,100
CMG 100H-1510015 x 1512 to 2212366 x 38787,000
CMG 100H-1810018 x 1812 to 2212366 x 38787,000
CMG 100H-2410024 x 2412 to 2212372 x 38787,500