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Service de calibration pour radiomètres

  • Model: E-999-RCS
  • Manufactured by: ISO-CAL

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Product Description:
ISO-CAL North America provides a wide range of calibration services to meet any requirement, big or small. Indoors or out, our vast calibration capability allows us to select the most appropriate calibration method best suited to meet each customer’s specific application requirement, facilitating optimal measurement certainty at the field or laboratory testing level.

ISO-CAL North America maintains fully characterized Primary and Secondary reference radiometers, including NIST traceable spectral irradiance standards.

Laboratory service capabilities include the calibration of:

  • Pyranometers
  • Pyrheliometers
  • UV Radiometers
  • FIR Pyrgeometers
  • Net Radiometers
  • PAR / Quantum Sensors
  • LUX Sensors
  • UV and VIS Spectroradiometers (Select models on request)