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PRO-WEA - Capteur de vitesse du vent

  • Model: E-G48-14523/14524

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Product Description:

With improved protection against electrostatic discharge! Thus these high-tech sensors are predestined for operation in lightning-prone regions. The design is aerodynamically optimized and both the housing and the measuring elements are made of seawater resistant aluminum. Further advantages include the integrated, controlled heating and the optionally available cable with high UV-resistance. PRO-WEA wind sensors are robust and best suited for year-round applications in most climatic zones.

  • improved protection against electrostatic discharge
  • especially robust due to rein­forced axis
  • high measuring range of 60 m/s
  • low starting values of < 0.4 m/s
  • very high resolution of measur­ing values

Standard Line
Wind Sensors PRO-WEA
Model 14523 - Wind Direction 14524 - Wind Speed

Measuring Elements

winde vane, aluminum, special surface 3-armed cup, aluminum, special surface
Measuring Range 0...360° 0.5...60 m/s
Accuracy ±2° ±0.3 m/s <- 10 m/s, ±0.5 m/s...60 m/s
Resolution/Starting Value <1° - <0.5 m/s <0.1 m/s - <0.5 m/s
Output 4...20 mA = 0...360°
4 Hz update rate

4...20 mA = 0...60 m/s
4 Hz update rate

At the current output (4...20 mA) a load of max. 600 Ohm must not be exceeded
Weight 0.4 kg 0.35 kg
Measuring Principle Hall Sensor Array, non-contact
Range of Application temepratures -40...+70°C, heated. wind speed max. gusts 100 m/s. humidity 0...100% r.h.
Supply Voltage 24 V (20...28 V), 18 W heating, max. 800 mA, the heating within the sensor head prevents blocking of hte moving parts under most climatological conditions
Housing seawater-resistant aluminum, IP 65 in upright position, M12 cable-plug connection, stainless steel nut and lock washer
Included in Delivery 1 sensor, 15 m cable, with 4 pin M12 plug connector