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OTT Pluvio² - LInstrument de mesure de poids de précipitation

  • Model: E-653-
  • Manufactured by: OTT

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Product Description:
  • Large collection capacity - 750 mm or 1500 mm
  • Real-time intensity measurements (in/min or in/hr)
  • Accumulation measurements with consistent 5-minute delay
  • Automatic, continuous measurement
  • Drift-free, hermetically sealed measuring platform
  • Communication interfaces - SDI-12, RS-485, Pulse Output
  • Pluvio² L precipitation gauge and performance comply with WMO guideline No. 8
  • USB interface for communication with a computer
  • Pluvio² L Software for basic setup and control measurements
  • 4” flange for easy installation
  • ptional ring heater for use in cold climates (1500 mm version only)
  • Low cost of ownership 
  • Minimal maintenance required – annual or biannual site visits
  • Robust – designed to withstand all-weather environments
  • Long-term stability, overload protection, and lifetime calibrationFlexible – standard communication interfaces easily connect to most any data logger
  • Operate in remote locations with solar power
  • Low power consumption – typical 15 mA at 12 V