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Node de surveillance environnementale

  • Model: I-A73-ENV-Link™ -Mini -LXRS®
  • Manufactured by: Microstrain

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Product Description:

The LORD MicroStrain® ENV-Link™ -Mini -LXRS® is an environmental monitoring node designed to continuously acquire sensor data in an outdoor or harsh setting. The ENV-Link -Mini accommodates a relative humidity/temperature (RHT) sensor, and 3 additional 0-5 VDC sensors. Possibilities include pyranometer (light measurement), soil moisture, leaf wetness, rain gauge, wind speed and direction, water level, barometric pressure, conductivity, strain gauges, thermocouples, etc. Multiple units may be deployed up to 2 kilometers from the wireless gateway, and data is either stored locally or forwarded to a cloud server, providing analysis tools, scripting, alerts, and downloads. Long-life batteries allow long term untended data acquisition.