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Capteurs de rayonnement UV, préamplificateur inclus

  • Model: E-312-UV3pA/B/AB-05
  • Manufactured by: Delta-T Devices

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Product Description:
UV3pA-05 – UVA Sensor with preamplifier (5m cable)

UV3pAB-05 – UVAB Sensor with preamplifier (5m cable)

UV3pB-05 – UVB Sensor with preamplifier (5m cable)

Delta-T Devices offers a choice of 3 UV Sensors – Each UV sensor is fitted with a preamplifier and a 5 metre cable as standard .

A range of 3 UV sensors fitted with a photodiode detector and transimpedence amplifier.

TypeAccuracySensitivity (per W.m-2)
SizeCable details    
UV3pA/B/AB±7.5% at 20°C 1 mV
7‐15 VDC 
50 mm dia x 48 mm5m/4w 

TypeMeasuring rangePeak wavelengthBand‐ width
UV3pA0-150 W m‐373 ± 2 nm31 ± 2 nm
UV3pB0-150 W m‐2313 ± 2 nm26 ± 2 nm
UV3pAB0-200 W m‐2360 ± 5 nm72 ± 5 nm