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Capteur de température du sol

  • Model: E-B51-STP01
  • Manufactured by: Hukseflux

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Product Description:
The STP01 is a sensor for very accurate measurement of temperature versus depth (also called "temperature gradient") in the soil. A heating wire offers the possibility of self-testing, increasing the level of quality assurance. An experimental option is to determine soil thermal conductivity as a function of depth.

STP01 advantages

The STP01 has several advantages over existing designs:

  • high accuracy gradient measurement by accurate positioning of the tc joints (+/- 1mm), and measurement of tc voltage relative to the junction at 50 cm (+/- 0.02 K is achievable)
  • high accuracy and stability of the relative distance between sensors (+/- 0.5 mm)
  • thin, 0.6 mm only, (non disturbing) construction (contrary to conventional stick designs) does not disturb the thermal flow pattern
  • sensor to logger cabling is all copper; easily extendable.
  • easy quality assurance & servicing: self-test is possible by heating and looking at the pulse response, saving servicing time.

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