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Échantillonneurs à piston fixes

  • Model: G-314-K-100/200
  • Manufactured by: Geonor

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Product Description:

These are of high quality and designed for both undisturbed and agitated (representative)samples. Samplers are available for various sample diameters and for use in different soils. For sample analysis, see the Geonor laboratory equipment.

  • For undisturbed samples in very soft to stiff clays
  • Stationary piston to avoid disturbances in overpressured or very soft or loose soils
  • Appropriate for sampling above and below ground water level, at 0 to 30 m depth.
  • Combination use: Extension rods and tubes of the Geonor vane instrument H-10
  • Can be used with most pushers, penetrometers
  • Designed by the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI)

Sample Cylinder
Cylinder ID
Cylinder Length
54 mm
768 mm
54, 75 and 100 mm
Max. 880, Min. 585 mm
Sample Length
700 mm
Max. 800, Min. 500 mm
Extension Tubes
ø36 x 1000 mm
ø16 x 1000 mm