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i Tensiomètre

  • Model: DIK-3210

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Product Description:
Main features

・Built-in data logger and battery, integrated style!

・With Bluetooth communication! Free from complex wiring!

・Easily obtain measurement data and setting of measurement condition by display unit.

・Touch panel operation, anyone can 
easily operate.

Note: It can not be used only the main unit. It requires a Data display.

     i Tensiometer Main unit
Power sourcesize C battery 2 pieces 
(Approx. 1 year life time in 1 hour measurement intervals)
Dimensionφ60mm x 600mm (Except Porous cup)
Porous cup sizeφ18mm x L80mm (Ceramic cup is H60mm)
WeightApprox. 1,300g
Measurement pressure range0 ~ -100kPa to be specified
sensitive part length10 ~ 100cm by a 10cm unit
Memory capacity10,000 measurements
     Display part
Power sourceLithium-ion battery (Rechargeable battery)
Dimension138mm x 67mm x 10.9mm
WeightApprox. 260g
Communication methodBluetooth
File formatCSV