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Enregistreur de données / contrôleur

  • Model: E-312-GP1
  • Manufactured by: Delta-T Devices

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Product Description:

GP1 Data Logger

  • 2 differential analogue voltages
  • 2 temperature channels
  • 2 pulse counters
  • Smart relay control

The GP1 Data Logger is a complete logging solution housed in an IP67 enclosure with battery power. The internal memory can hold >600,000 readings - more than enough for one year's operation (typical).

The optional GP-PBA-X50 Precision Bridge Adapter enables a GP1 to log up to 2 bridge sensors such as pressure transducers and strain gauges and allows for the logging of up to two water-filled tensiometers

Soil moisture applications
As well as being a powerful general purpose logger, the GP1 is ideal for soil moisture applications:

     · 2 soil moisture sensors e.g. ThetaProbes, SM300s or SM150s
     · 2 temperature probes (or 2 further SM150 Sensors)
     · 2 pulse counters (e.g. rainfall or water meter)
     · 1 WET Sensor
     · Tensiometer input option using GP-PBA-X50

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