Filets maillants en nylon monofilament et multifilaments

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Description du Produit:
Our gill nets are hung using 600 stretched feet of top quality nylon netting per 300 foot net. The prices listed are based on the use of a 3/8" foam line on top and a 30-lb. lead line on the bottom. These are sinking type nets. If the depth, mesh size, twine size, or net length you need is not listed please contact us for price quotes. We specialize in custom rigging nets made to your specifications. If you want any variation in net rigging, or are ordering a quantity of nets, please give us the opportunity to quote you prices.

Twine Size
Diameter Size
Approx. Break Test
Approx. Break Test
.23mm (#2)
7 lb.
5 lb.
#69 (210/3)
.28mm (#3)
13 lb.
9 lb.
#104 (210/4)
.33mm (#4)
14 lb.
11 lb.
#139 (210/6)
.40mm (#6)
20 lb.
17 lb.
#208 (210/9)
.52mm (#10)
28 lb.
26 lb.
#277 (210/12)
.57mm (#12)
42 lb.
30 lb.