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OxiTop ® Control B6/B6M - Détermination de la respiration du sol

  • Model: E-236-208232, E-236-208230
  • Manufactured by: YSI

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Product Description:

OxiTop® Control B6/B6M – Determination of Soil Respiration

Laboratory method for determining the microbial soil respiration according to DIN ISO 16072.

  • Simple and precise
  • Cost-efficient
  • Optimum measuring vessels for subsequent quantitative determination of CO2

Soil respiration measurements are used for forecasting, surveying and checking remediation work, for biodegradability measurements of substances (pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, etc.) and for carrying out toxicity tests.

Thanks to specially designed, test-proven vessels, these measurements are made accurate and simple with the OxiTop® Control System. A cost effective alternative compared to conventional methods.

Soil respiration measurements can be carried out in 2 different vessel types.

For actively respiring soils with strong CO2 development, the MG 1.0 measuring vessel is recommended: its large opening (approx. 100 mm / 3.9 in dia.) easily fits large-volume CO2 absorber vessels for later quantitative CO2 determination.

E-236-208232: OxiTop® Control B6M Package for soil respiration (aerobic) with 6 MG 1.0 measuring vessels, 1000 ml, with stopper adapters for OxiTop®-C

E-236-208230: OxiTop® Control B6 Package for soil respiration (aerobic) with 6 PF 45/500 sample vessels, 500 ml, Duran and 6 OxiTop® AD/SK adapters, autoclavable