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Ballast-Check™ 2 - Fluorimètre portatif pour eaux de lest

  • Model: E-541-Ballast-Check™
  • Manufactured by: Turner Designs

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Product Description:
The Ballast-Check™ is a small, lightweight, highly durable handheld fluorometer ideal for quick shipboard ballast water compliance checks of the IMO D2 standard for live organisms, 10-50µm. Factory calibrated and set for maximum accuracy at detection level concentrations, the Ballast-Check™ is ready for use right out of the box, no calibration necessary. The Ballast-Check™ has simple one-button measurements that display both estimates of total chlorophyll and yield (Fv/Fm). A risk level of gross exceedance (High, Medium, or Low) is displayed with the measurement.

Product Highlights:
  • Quick Go/No Go Measurements
    > Total Chlorophyll
    > Yield (Fv/Fm)
  • Portable, Handheld Fluorometer
    > Dustproof, Waterproof
    > Pocket-sized
    > Battery-powered
  • Low Maintenance
    > Easy Calibration Check included with package

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